Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Feel the Bern: Useless old parasite uses words he does not understand

By Dave Burke For Mailonline

Donald Trump has been branded a pathological liar in a scathing attack by Bernie Sanders, who has accused the President of undermining democracy.  The senator, who challenged Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination last year, said Trump lies 'all the time'.  During the extraordinary attack, Sanders called on Americans to resist the President's assault on the media, judiciary and election process............He told The Guardian that a 'grassroots resistance' is the only way to defeat what he described as Trump's moves toward authoritarianism.........To Read More...

John Ray's Take - He's never had a proper job and thinks a communist style government would be a good idea. And he calls Trump detached from reality! And he seems totally clueless about what "authoritarian" means.  Trump is REDUCING intrusions by government into people's lives.  If he were an authoritarian he would be INCREASING such intrusions.  Sanders lives in a world of his own.

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