Saturday, March 11, 2017

Chicago Teacher's Union Mulls Walkout on Communist Holiday

March 10, 2017 at 11:50 am 18

The Chicago Teachers Union will ask its governing body on Wednesday to consider a one-day teachers strike on May Day to bring attention to the "acute crisis" facing the Chicago Public Schools budget, a union leader said.  “We’re opening a discussion between now and our April meeting to discuss what actions we want to take to relate to May 1, which is going to be a day of mass demonstrations, traditionally a day of labor rights a day of immigrant rights,” CTU Vice-President Jesse Sharkey said.  Sharkey said the union would ask its House of Delegates to approve entering into a month-long discussion period about a one-day walkout before an April 5 vote on whether or not to set a strike date.  Amid ongoing budget woes, CPS has ordered cuts the district says are necessary because of Gov. Bruce Rauner’s veto of legislation that would have provided $215 million in state aid.........To Read More....

My Take - And they wonder why people want to shred the public education system as it now stands?  The one question everyone should be asking is this:  Are these the people we want teaching - or indoctrinating as it were - the nation's children?  Public education is doomed as we know it, if for no other reason no city or state can afford them financially.  The states are going to have to either declare the end of public employee unions, relinquish any and all control to local authorities and let them decide how much they're willing to pay and if they are willing to allow teachers to be unionized, or turn public education loose.  But as public education now's doomed. 

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