Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Behind the collapse of the ‘Russia Hacking’ narrative, is panic spreading in the Obama camp?

By Thomas Lifson

Make no mistake: the Saturday morning tweet sent out by President Trump alleging tapping of phones in Trump Tower has changed the political calculus on both sides. The mainstream media obsessively calls his charge “unsupported” by evidence, and denigrates it as imprecise and incomplete. Yet, as Andrew McCarthy – a former Assistant US Attorney – explains in National Review, “While You Weren’t Looking, the Democrat–Media Election-Hacking Narrative Just Collapsed.” That narrative depends on a:.....Once again, Donald Trump is playing Road Runner to the Dem-media establishment’s Wile E. Coyote. His "rash"and "unsupported" tweet has decisively changed the game......... More

Liberal New York Times columnist may face serious legal problems, By Mark J. Fitzgibbons
President Trump takes a lot of flak for his tweeting, but a prominent liberal New York Times columnist may face more than criticism.  Could NY Times’ Kristoff’s tweet asking anyone at the IRS to criminally leak Trump’s tax return be solicitation of a felony? More

CNN just published the results of an outright espionage operation against the Trump White House, by pointing a vibration-sensitive camera at the window of the Oval Office. This is an espionage technique, and it is obviously a major violation of national security laws. CNN is gambling that any arrested "journalists" (spies) can be turned into martyrs against the Trump White House. One obvious move is to have the perps arrested (which has to be done at some point). But a much better strategy is to turn the CNN stunt against them. First of all, the Oval Office has to be protected against this well-known method of eavesdropping. That can be done with an acoustical wall, easily enough. Additional secret protections are needed.  But I would strongly suggest turning CNN's treasonous behavior against it..........More 

Obama’s game of I Spy, By Timothy Birdnow
The question is not if the Obama camp spied on Trump, but rather whom they did not spy on.    T
The media is all wee-wee'd up (as Barack Obama would say) over Donald Trump's charge that Obama spied on him at Trump Tower. They trotted out old James Clapper, a man who perjured himself before Congress while lying about government spying on the American people, to deny Trump's claim that Obama spied on him.    Does anybody remember former CBS reporter Sharyl Atkisson?  How about when the Justice Department seized Associated Press phone records? According to Mother Jones, a notoriously leftist publication:............

NSA whistleblower shows how candidate Trump could have been wiretapped, By Rick Moran
A former top intelligence official-turned-whistleblower at the National Security Agency says surveillance programs by the NSA could have been keeping tabs on the Trump campaign and that their intelligence could have been shared with other agencies. William Binney, a legend at the NSA, laid out the case for warrantless wiretapping of Trump Tower and how other intel agencies like the CIA could have had access to the wiretaps. Fox News national security correspondent James Rosen – himself bugged by the Obama administration – says Trump may be right:............ More

Evidence that a massive abuse of politicized government agencies took place in the eight years of the Obama presidency, and that spying on candidate Donald Trump was the natural outgrowth of these policies....... Here is a short sample:..... More

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