Friday, February 17, 2017

Who’s the Obama Era Traitor Hiding in the Trump Administration?

By Jeff Dunetz February 16, 2017

Yes, Gen. Michael Flynn deserved to be fired! Not because of his discussions with the Russian Ambassador,  but because he gave misinformation to his bosses who depend on him to make decisions about the safety of the United States. But the bigger issue in my humble opinion is who is committing treason by leaking American secrets to the press.

The General Flynn leak was just one of a series of foreign policy leaks made to stop President Trump’s nascent administration from succeeding. A conversation between the President and the Prime Minister of Australia was leaked as was a conversation between Trump and the President of Mexico. A conversation with Netanyahu about settlements was leaked to the Jerusalem Post forcing the Administration to release a statement about the official US position on those Israeli communities.

And now there is the transcript of Flynn’s discussion with the Russian ambassador, which is the most serious of the leaks......To Read More....

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