Friday, February 17, 2017

Illegal alien taunts ICE from church refuge

By Ed Straker February 16, 2017

ICE, if you're reading this, I know the precise location of an illegal alien who has an outstanding deportation order against her. Her name is Jeanette Vizguerra, and she is hiding at the First Unitarian Church at 1400 N. Lafayette St., Denver, Colorado. I know this because Vizguerra's location is not exactly a closely guarded secret; she has spread it across national media to generate sympathy, in the process very publicly thumbing her nose at American law.  Will churches offer sanctuary to anyone who disagrees with a law? Or just illegal aliens? More

My Take - This shouldn't surprise us since the Unitarians are the Hindus of Christianity....they believe in anything.....well......actually just about everything, saying:  "We affirm and support each person's free and responsible search for truth and meaning."  And in spite of the argument "That can hardly be described as believing everything or nothing", it's clear they as individuals, like Hindus, can accept anything they like or reject anything they don't like. 

In short - they believe in everything and nothing and still be accepted as an upstanding member of the church.....and many of the mainstream churches are working diligently to catch up to them by abandoning all they claim to believe in. 

Here's the curx of the matter - all of them claim their beliefs are Bible based Christian thinking.  All of them have shown an amazing willingness to abandon any teaching that's not popular, which in effect demonstrates they have no absolute moral foundation for which they're willing to stand up.

And since the book they claim is foundational to their organizational beliefs, the Bible, absolutely defines moral imperatives that are absolutely necessary to believe in and support to be Christians -  and since they've willing to abandon those imperatives we have to ask - are they really Christian churches?  If they've abandoned all that's supposed to be foundational to Christian ethic - it appears they're not! 

If that's the case - and it is - who needs them?  Did I miss anything?


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