Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What was the most incorrect self-diagnosis you've encountered in your practice as a doctor?

Jim Bill, M.D. 

A lady came to me with renal failure many years ago, and was indignant because she was a health nut and took great pride in all the vitamins she took to "stay healthy." At that time a kidney angiogram was standard (injecting dye directly into the kidney through the blood vessels). Before I injected the first drop I noticed on the fluoroscope that both kidneys looked like great, white stones.  I asked her, "How much Vitamin D do you take?" She proudly announced that she took about 75 times the recommended dose. "Well, I said, you have turned your kidneys to stone." She pronounced me a quack and we terminated the procedure. Last I heard of her, she was on dialysis.........SOURCE

My Take - I've posted this not because I'm opposed to taking vitamins, but because this demonstrates the mind set of those into 'alternative' solutions.  We have to realize these people cannot be convinced of the folly of their thinking. It's a secular religious thought process, just as is environmentalism. The only difference is environmentalists hate humanity, but the religious ferver underlining these movements are very real.

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