Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Muslim Professor at Georgetown University Defends Slavery and Rape when Done in Islam

By Onan Coca February 14, 2017

This is the new standard of measure that everyone should get used to… some things are morally reprehensible UNLESS you do them as a Muslim in the Muslim way.  That is basically what Georgetown Professor of Islamic Studies and Muslim convert Jonathan Brown is teaching in his University these days.During a recent lecture at the International Institute of Islamic Thought, Brown told his audience that men do not necessarily need consent to have sex with a woman, and that slavery is not in and of itself wrong............Umar Lee is a freelance writer (and a Muslim) who happened to be attending the lecture and was shocked and dismayed at what he heard Dr. Brown teaching............

Lee concludes his post on the lecture by reminding his readers that if a Catholic, or a Protestant, or a Jew had made these same comments in the same context, they would immediately be attacked by academia and the liberal media. He argued that any non-Muslim University employee who would make a similar defense of slavery or rape would immediately be fired from their position and likely not find work in academia ever again. Sadly, when a Muslim professor does it… no one even bats an eye.

It’s a damning condemnation of the state of our culture, but I don’t expect Dr. Brown to be condemned or fired by Georgetown anytime soon.......To Read More...

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