Monday, February 20, 2017

Science Journalism is Going Full Leftist

By Robert Arvay February 20, 2017

Many of our future scientists are being trained in universities which have become leftist indoctrination centers. We on the right have grown to expect bias in political journalism -- but most of us probably thought that science literature would always be objective, and exempt from radical leftist opinion. If so, then our thoughts were mistaken.

Every once in a while, I receive emailed articles from science journals, for example, Scientific American. Most of these are of interest to science junkies like myself -- but a disturbing and growing number of them have less to do with science than with left-wing political propaganda. Much of it is unashamedly anti-Trump. It seems (sarcasm here) that by questioning the (questionable) evidence of global warming, President Trump is seeking to inundate the entire world with rising oceans.

In reality, thousands of government grants are at risk, billions of dollars of them, unless the scientists receiving the money can prove that global warming is manmade, and that human effort can reverse it. Of course, the scientists can prove no such thing, which is why their journal articles increasingly give the impression of “hair-on-fire” panic............ More

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