Monday, February 20, 2017

Enemies of the people

By Jack Hellner February 20, 2017

The media has essentially become a propaganda arm of the Democrats. Chris Wallace of Fox News and other media reporters are having fits because Trump tweeted that the media is an enemy of the American people. When the media willingly supports a candidate who clearly violated the law by peddling classified documents, but spreads a false story that the Intelligence Community won't share information with President Trump because they don't trust him, they are both enemies of truth and the American people. There is no indication at all that anyone on the Trump team did anything illegal or improper involving Russia, yet the media is putting out continuous stories implying that there is something wrong.........More

My Take - I saw the interview by Wallace and White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and Wallace was an obnoxious jerk.  Constantly interrupting, talking over his guest,  and pontificating his views.  Outraged that anyone could say the media is an enemy of the people.  He was more like O'Reilly than a real journalist.  Priebus ended up calling him a "real" journalist - hogwash - he's just as bad as George Will and Krauthammer - he just hides it better.  But if he keeps it up he can be just as bad as Geraldo and Bob Beckel. 

I'm not all that impressed with Fox news.  There really are "real" experts out there regarding geopolitical issues and domestic issues and no one ever sees them.   Why? Because the media is an enemy of the people.  Oh........I know.....I know.....the word media is supposedly plural and it should be the media "are" an enemy of the people.  Well, and I don't care what anyone says, I don't buy into this idea the word "media" is plural. 

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