Monday, February 13, 2017

Dems Made Their Bed with Leftists, Now They Must Lie in It

Karin McQuillan

Something new is happening before our eyes. Radicals are completing a takeover of the Democratic Party. Sure, there’s been a lot of mockery among conservatives about hyperventilating Democrats. Pundits point out the obvious: that Democrats screaming that Trump is illegitimate deliver no positive message for working class voters who want jobs and that mobs in black masks are not appealing. Such analyses fall short. After 8 years of exploiting and enflaming the grievances of identity politics, the Democratic Party is being eaten by the monster they rode to power......More

My Take - Actually, that happened over forty years ago, when Carter became President, and now we've come to the usual forty year cycle where the ones in charge have no institutional memory, no past alliances, no willingness to have any alliance outside their core group. But what's driving this insanity now? They're no longer are in control of anything except the judiciary and the bureaucracy!

They're out of office, and all they've imposed on the nation via bureaucratic regulations is now under attack. Their control on information has been destroyed via the internet by all those terrible bloggers, and the courts are going to slip out of their grasp.  So now they've expose themselves for who and what they are - the true and real brownshirted thugs of the left - falling back on the foundational default philosophy of the left - intimidation, coercion, and violence.

They only love peace when peace suits them. They only love the Constitution when the Constitution supports their position. They only love the rule of law when some law supports them. They in reality hate both because both the rule of law and the Constitution are a guard against the abuses leftists always heap on any society they've controlled.

 The only thing they love consistently is an insane drive to acquire power and control over everyone's life, and they will adopt any philosophy that will get it for them. History shows that invariably means leaving a trail of destroyed nations and lives in their wake. That's history and that history is incontestable. For anyone to continue to be a leftist - they must be insane.

Oh, one more thing, and please remember I'm the one who said this:  It won't be long before all these hate mongering leftists start turning on each other.  Why?  Because haters can't be happy people, and happy people can't be haters.  All that hate creates disharmony that can't be controlled making working together impossible over time. 

Then.....they turn all that emotion on one of their own who may disagree with one of their pet views because the left is filled with divergent groups whose only binding force is hatred of conservatives, and especailly Christian conservatives.  That's why they never have a coherent message except the world's unfair, and no one should have more than anyone else.  Since they're all promoting things that benefit themselves at the expense of others - they will happily sell out the others within their 'coalition' as time goes by. 

Leftists live on - and for - hate, envy, resentment, and raw emotion.   When that's their raison de vivre there's no room for, intelligence, logic and reason.  All that hate creates egos that are out of control, and a roomful of egos that big and out of control breeds conflict. 

This is going to be interesting to watch.

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