Sunday, October 14, 2012

The uncertain fate of higher education

Exclusive: Patrice Lewis urges youth to think about future before plunging into debt
 Many years ago, a horticulturalist told me how and when certain potted plants bloom. When people see flowers, he said, they often think the plant is healthy and happy because the flowers are so beautiful. But he said that plants often bloom because they’re under physical stress, and they’re making a last biological shot to reproduce before they die. So while things may look beautiful and rosy, the presence of flowers often indicates the end is near.
Now fast forward to this week when I got my fall issue of U.C. Davis Magazine. UCD is my alma mater, and despite graduating nearly 30 years ago, the complimentary subscription has followed me wherever I’ve moved.
Rather than the usual colorful photo adorning the front cover, this issue featured a stark navy-blue background with a plain yellow headline in the center: “The Uncertain Fate of Higher Education.
The table of contents summarized the cover article as follows: “With state funding down to 1997 levels and student fees up 82% in just six years, the UC is at a critical turning point.”  To Read More......

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