Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Fix? Defunding!

By Rich Kozlovich
There has been a great deal of talk about the outrageous increase of the cost of higher education these days.  I think these insane increases in education are the best thing that has ever happened to higher education.  I know that may sound insane, but in the real world it is the cost of things that re-focuses people’s attention.  At some point someone will stand up and force this issue of personal funding for higher education by the government and the demands they impose on the institutions. That is where the problem lies entirely.  Furthermore the universities deliberately raise tuition costs in order to make it possible for more students to qualify for government loans or funding of some kind.
But, there is a question that must be raised.  What is higher education all about?
First, let's take for example this issue of racial quotas.  They created this to grease the squeaky wheels.  They ended up with more squeaks.  When you read the issues regarding racial quotas you begin to realize that absolutely no one has a clue about what is right, wrong, legal, or illegal…including the Congress, the Supreme Court and the whole thing is a mess.  Why are the universites being forced to be the engineers of social change?  Isn't imparting knowledge their purpose for being?  No, and it's all turned into a mess; an expensve mess that fails to educate these kids.  I have the answer.  Eliminate any quotas of any kind by any government; state, local or national. 
Let the university regents set their own admission standards for whatever reason they please.  Eliminate government grant money to the colleges and universities.  Make all universities private self funding institutions.  End that and reality will force the price  down, it will force professors to actually teach their classes, it will drop class size, it will put universities and colleges out of business that need eliminating, it will force most of them to re-evaluate who the professors are and what they teach.  In short…..make all colleges and universities privately owned and self funding, and effective; if they are capable of it!  All of the problems we see people complaining about will go away naturally.
Wow!  Now that is a shocker isn’t it.  But that is what it will take.  Will some institutions attempt to keep blacks out? Yes.  But there will be some that will keep Jews out, some that will keep Orientals out, etc.  So what?  This would be the perfect opportunity for every group that is being excluded unfairly based on race or ethnicity to form their own universities with their own standards; hopefully higher standards.  Setting higher academic standards would almost be an automatic since the standard is fairly meaningless now. 
If they are unable for financial reasons, or there isn’t sufficient numbers of a particular group, then that will be an incentive to explore other opportunities .  They can decide to come together and form as a group devoted to diversity.  They can form as a group that has no exclusionary standards…of any kind…. including academic if they choose.  If they are unwilling, then they should be allowed to go their own way. The most important group that ALL of these self funding institutions will keep out of their schools are those who are academically unworthy; if that is their standard, and in most cases that will be the case.  Now, that’s a good thing! 
Secondly, regarding all the issues surrounding higher education….none of this is as it appears. The universities are actually doing the job that was intended.  The goal of the socialist movement is now and has always been (ever since the French Revolution) to undermine any moral authority other than the moral authority of the state.   Public education was to teach reading, writing and arithmetic….right?  Wrong, that was a byproduct!  The goal of public education was to “make sure the apple fell as far away for the tree as possible”!  Public education was organized to undermine the moral authority of parents and the churches.  The state was to be the ultimate moral authority. 
If you take a look at these professors and what they teach you begin to realize that they aren’t teaching our kids, they are indoctrinating them with Marxist philosophy.  These kids come out over educated and under smart, just like their professors….and as equally incapable of running a business or understanding what sacrifices it takes to become successful, because they focused on how unfair American capitalism is.  They don’t even get the history right. As Obama said recently to the real creators of jobs….businessmen; If You've Got A Business, You Didn't Build That!  They later claimed that this was taken out of context, but this is the theme of socialism, and that is what is taught in the universities.
Thirdly, the very definition of marriage as the bonding of a man and a woman is called into question, and is being promoted in the various psychology and social services courses within academia….and those that have difficulty accepting that have been pushed out of those courses in some cases. When that happens and becomes accepted the very foundation of a stable society, the nuclear family, is subject to disintegration. If the definition of a nuclear family as a man, a woman and their children is no longer accepted then that stable foundation will disintegrate naturally, and the state then becomes the moral arbiter of all values. 

Then, that which has always been the real target of the socialists; Judaic/Christian principles; will cease to exist within society. That has been the focus of public education, especially higher education, going back to Margaret Mead, the Frankfurt School people and others. Once the state has destroyed every vestige of Judaic/Christian principles they can get society to do anything. I would like to draw attention to my article, Let Me Tell You about Trofim Denisovich Lysenko, which discusses some of what happens in a society that has become a moral vacuum.  Once we understand all of that everything else falls into place.   You may also wish to view my article; Pathways of the Past are the Stepping Stones to the Future! 
Do you want to end the insanity; end the funding!  Once again, that and reality will force the price  down, it will force professors to actually teach their classes, it will drop class size, it will put some universities and colleges out of business that need to cease to exist, it will force most of them to re-evaluate who the professors are and what they teach. In short…..making all colleges and universities privately owned and self funding will allow all of these problems to go away naturally. Most importantly…we won’t have a bunch of socialists ensconced in university ivory towers undermining the very system that supports them; and far fewer of the young will be coming out of the universities as greenies, racists and leftists. 

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