Monday, July 16, 2012

Zone of Reality: Castro Notes

No matter what anyone says; you can’t marginalize the truth!  You can suppress it; you can ignore it; you can avoid it; you can attempt to undermine it; you can attempt to subvert it; you can attempt to organize against it; you can even laugh at it - but if we have the courage and the fortitude to stand and confront the lies, irrespective of the personal costs, the truth will stand the test of time. - Rich Kozlovich

M.A.S.H. Star Partners with Castro’s Spy Service

By Homberto Fontova

Though a consistently good show, few conservatives mistook M.A.S.H for anything but pinko propaganda. Last week, long-time M.A.S.H star Mike Farrell (Capt. B.J. Hunnicut) took the last few baby-steps and started spouting outright Communist propaganda.

In a letter to President Obama, Farrell officially partnered with Castro’s KGB-trained DGI urging the release of five of their agents and officers who were convicted in 2001 of conspiracy to commit espionage against the U.S. and conspiracy to murder Americans. The Supreme Court has twice upheld the convictions of these Communist terrorists and accessories to murder.

In 1933 Stalin’s propaganda chief, Willi Munzenberg, re-monikered the Soviet Comintern as the “International Aid Committee for the Victims of Fascism.” The Soviet’s Cuban satraps and their propaganda auxiliaries have one-upped even Munzenberg. These convicted Castroite terrorists — we’re now told by the former M.A.S.H star — are actually peace-loving anti-terrorists; flower-children of sorts. Here’s the heart of Farrell’s letter:

Release them because they came here only to monitor the activities of violent Cuban exiles who, operating from bases in Miami of which our government is well aware, were planning violent actions against innocent people in Cuba.

Release them because they were trying to prevent more brutal acts against their country and save innocent lives.

Editor's Note - For those of you who read Orwell’s 1984 this there is nothing surprising in this “Orwellian” presentation of the facts…….however…..the real story continues here!


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