Sunday, July 1, 2012

Just a Thought or Two

By Rich Kozlovich

I’m a newsie. I love history, I love the news, I love the way history plays into the events taking place daily. I love the fact that I can understand the why’s and where for’s of what is happening because of my lifelong interest in history. I find that I love talking about it to those who are also interested, and I love explaining those why’s and where for’s and the historical foundation for all that exists today. However, I find that there are times when the news exhausts me. I find it frustrating, I find the people irritating, I find the way they twist things to their own benefit at the expense of others outrages me. The news just plain exhausts me. Nonetheless I still attempt to stay on top of things because I feel that somehow I am letting my readers down if I don’t. Surprised? It’s a bit of a surprise to me also. I guess when I started this blogging stuff I didn’t really think it out and I just never expected to have a following. Yet in the last year the number of hits, and the number of readers from around the world, has jumped dramatically.

These last two months have seen a change in the ranking for what countries are hitting Paradigms and Demographics. The all time top ten are;

United States, Germany, Russia, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Slovenia, India, Netherlands.
Last month Russia surged past the United Kingdom and this month surged past Canada, and is climbing on Germany rapidly. I don’t know what is attracting so many Russia readers, but my Russian readers also hit “The Rules” more than any other country other than the U.S. by a substantial percentage. This week I am seeing a number of hits coming from mainland China, from which I normally get very few. This week’s top ten included Ukraine, China and Finland, and Ukraine was in the top ten for the month, followed by Russia and France in spots two and three for the month.

At the beginning I found all of this to be of nothing more than passing interest to me. However, starting last year I noticed a pattern in some of the posts and the number of hits coming from some countries. Finland, Japan and Slovenia were hitting the blog strongly on a number of occasions and the posts most hit involved the failure of solar energy. I began to think that was significant. Then I posted a number of articles on fracking, which were being strongly hit and at the same time Bulgaria began taking a serious interest in my blog. Was there a correlation? About two weeks later I read that there was a movement in Bulgaria demanding that the government abandon their failed energy policies and start fracking. That was this winter when people in Eastern Europe froze to death because there was insufficient energy available. Did my posts in some very small way have anything to do with that? One can only hope.

Paradigms and Demographics is my second blog. The first was called Green Notes and was primarily directed to the pest control industry. That was a great learning experience for me for a number of reasons.

One, I learned how to do it. Two, I initially spent a huge number of hours trying to find the right sites with trustworthy information. As time went by I found ways to shorten this process and those that could be trusted, which made everything go faster and I could spend more time on each topic. Three, I got a bunch of stuff out of my system. As one friend of mine said; “I liked what you had to say, but it appeared to me that you were venting.” Since I fancy myself as a rational thinker; and since venting wasn’t by goal; I took umbrage at that. At least until I went back and re-read my posts. He was right, and it altered my writing to a large degree. Since I am not a professional writer, I struggle to word things properly and still write with passion. I tend to temper the passion better now, but since I am saying things that aren’t popular in many circles, including the pesticide applications industries, I still get accused of ‘demagogic ranting’.

It is strange that I never hear that charge for the outrageous claims made by greenies and all of their acolytes, in spite of the fact that virtually everything they say is highly emotional, speculative, deliberately false, wrong and for the most part; scare mongering. Time has shown that leftism; including environmentalism; almost has a monopoly on being wrong, especially in their predictions about the future.

Has everyone read Silent Spring? Take a look at the names of the chapters and tell me those titles aren’t scare mongering emotional triggers!

• Chapter 3 - Elixirs of Death.

• Chapter 7 - Needless Havoc.

• Chapter 8 - And No Birds Sing.

• Chapter 9 - Rivers of Death.

• Chapter 11 - Beyond the Dreams of the Borgias.

• Chapter 12 - The Human Price

Carson set the pattern that all greenies have followed ever since. It has always fascinated me that by taking an opposing position, and showing why I oppose some greenie or leftist ‘solution’ or other, it becomes ‘demagogic ranting’ by those whose positions I oppose. While speculative twattle and misinformation, and claims which turn out to be false from the greenies is considered by them to be rational and well reasoned ‘science’. This is followed by an unending demand that we adopt some policy that is clearly irrational and misanthropic…and that we must “do it now, don’t wait” otherwise the world is doomed because we are at the ‘tipping point’ of disaster. It amazes me how many tipping points we have passed already and yet they still continue to spew out the same twattle.

What they are really saying is; make it policy before someone looks too closely at the speculative twattle they are attempting to foist in the public. Because once it becomes policy it is almost impossible to overturn no matter how much information comes out later, and the ban on DDT, the Endangered Species Act, the Montreal Protocol, the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts are perfect examples. What sane person doesn't want clean water and air? What sane person wants to see whole species deliberately slaughtered and wiped out? None! And that is the problem with these laws. What the Congress was voting for and the greenies long term goals were two different things. Except in the case of a few, the application of so many of the well-intentioned environmental laws has been used in ways that legislators never dreamed.

Paradigms and Demographics started as an anti-green blog. As time went by I realized that it was impossible to talk about green issues without talking about leftist issues. Why? Because environmentalism has become the step child of socialism, and it is now its primary tool in socialist attempts to impose a worldwide socialist government under the auspices of the United Nations, the most corrupt and incompetent organization the world has ever known. So I decided to change this from an anti-green blog to a pro-humanity blog, which is impossible to do without discussing leftist actions, goals and the history of socialism. Not to mention the insane misanthropy they have imposed on the people of the world whenever they have been in charge.

We need to get this. Between the socialist monsters of the 20th century (fascism and communism are socialist concepts, just different sides of the same coin) and the environmentalists, they have been responsible for the unnecessary deaths of over 200 million people, and the unnecessary suffering of billions more over the last almost 100 years.

Since socialism is basically atheistic; their stated goal is to overturn religious authority and parental authority in order for the state is to be the final moral authority on all things. And people are going along with this insanity. Has someone missed the fact that historically they have been willing to murder tens of millions of their own citizens; have degraded their citizens into mindless serfs constantly in fear for their lives; have been responsible for more death, destruction and devastation than any movement in human history; why would anyone believe anything they and their various movements, including environmentalism, have to say?

So, why do we listen to these people? The answer is simple. The world have been completely fooled by the main stream media’s lies. Lies of omission and lies of commission ….and I’m not all that crazy about Fox News either. I think O’Reilly is a phony, I think the worst thing that ever happened to Hannity is that Comb left the show and he became too cute by half….and it bothers me when someone who professes to be a conservative thinks of Bob Beckel as a good friend.

Most of the talking heads are not worth listening to and shows like The Five are only worthwhile because it has Bob Beckel on it. And the reason for that is that is because he is the clearest example of what is wrong with the left. Most of the people who profess to be on the right on that show must never have read a history book or studied logic. I find it too cute by the other half.

I find the only two news people I enjoy listening to are Bob Bennett and Dennis Prager. Both of whom I have disagreed with, but both are at least unfailingly polite to their guests and don’t talk down to their audience. Michael Medved is so wrong, so often that his arrogance is intolerable. As for Rush….even when I agree with him….which is most of the time…I just can’t stand too much of Rush. As for the leftists talkers….who cares? Listen to one and just turn on the tape recorder, because that is what will be regurgitated by each and every one of them.

As I said….just a thought or two.

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