Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Steve Milloy: The Cost of Eco-Imperialism


What is the difference between Eco-Imperialism and Eco-Vandalism?  Nothing!

In 2010 the Center for Responsive Politics reported that in the past 20 years corporate oil interests had spent a combined $250 million dollars on political activism. Environmentalists were, as was intended, outraged that the philistine big oil interest was buying and bullying its way into a political advantage. 

Over a series of recent posts, I’ve been looking at the energy revolution that is changing the look of the 21st centuries. Some countries are losers, but the US in particular stands to make big gains at home and in its foreign policy.

Couple of pieces from Miranda Devine on the havoc being wrought by misanthropists flying the “green” flag

I want to preface this column by saying that I am very concerned about climate change. The rapid growth of atmospheric carbon dioxide shows no sign of abating, and I have concerns over what this will ultimately mean for the climate.

Representative Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania received a standing ovation and enthusiastic chants of “USA!” on the House floor this week for his passionate attack on regulatory red tape. Rep. Kelly passionately argued that excessive, unnecessary regulations must be removed in order to get Americans back to work.

The key message of today’s environmentalists is: Accept our worldview, submit to our solutions – or else. This is, let us be blunt, a death threat. It is the voice of an extortionist.    Though Governor Chris Gregoire three years ago declared that Washington would treat greenhouse-gas emissions as dangerous pollutants, the state is now fighting attempts to force it to reduce emissions from oil refineries.
“Dangerous pollutants” sheesh!

Britain now has two energy policies, and one is being run out of the Treasury by the Chancellor, George Osborne, Greenpeace alleged today.

No, Juniper doesn’t just want to change your values, he wants total control over your life.

A Canadian Senate report has warned the industry it must improve its environmental performance

Coal export critics ramped up pressure on Gov. John Kitzhaber today to delay any Oregon projects until a comprehensive “health impact assessment” is completed.

Judicial panel upholds a ruling that environmental groups have no legal authority to challenge the 2005 deals, which the judges found did not threaten the delta smelt.

Australia is providing a case study in the self-destructive politics of green ideology, when believers of the religion of global warming gain political leverage.

Policies governing the European Union’s drive towards a low- carbon economy should not lose sight of the need to retain the bloc’s industrial base, Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger said in a newspaper column on Monday.    

THERE’S a term biologists and economists use these days — ecosystem services — which refers to the many ways nature supports the human endeavor. Forests filter the water we drink, for example, and birds and bees pollinate crops, both of which have substantial economic as well as biological value.

Actually “nature” never does anything to “provide services” – that’s an artificial human construct. We exploit bees doing what they do for our advantage but that does not mean “nature” is “providing” any sort of service at all. We are simply good at exploiting that which we find around us and/or altering it to better suit ourselves. It is extremely foolish to anthropomorphize the unimproved environment and pretend it is “serving us”. What you see is what you get – exploit it or improve it because it is a dangerous and hostile environment in its unimproved state.

The EU’s proposals for new efficiency standards will have to be accepted by member states and the European parliament

The United States should shift away from setting standards that require new vehicles, electronics and household appliances to consume less energy because those rules rely on a “paternalistic” assumption that buyers can’t decide how to save themselves money, a prominent economist from the Brookings Institution and a Vanderbilt University professor of law, economics and management say in a new paper.

Really? I thought the mealy-mouthed empty nonsense a great improvement over previous efforts. Definite progress.

Scientists to march through Ottawa in white lab coats in protest at cuts to research and environmental damage

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) provides a statement on the senselessness of renewable energy in Germany and features a video by skeptic EU Parliamentarian Herbert Reul (Germany).


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