Saturday, January 12, 2019

What a Socialist Really Wants

January 12, 2019 By Bruce Deitrick Price

What exactly is a socialist?........ When someone announces to the world, "I'm a socialist," what is that person thinking?   With this focus, everything becomes simpler. Socialists may not be able to claim experience, learning, smarts, or success. But they make up for all that by a boundless certitude about philosophical and political matters. It's as if they, albeit atheists, are guided by a divine vision.

What is the central assertion contained in that vision? Here, I believe, is what the self-proclaimed socialist is saying to the rest of us:
"You pathetic losers are clearly not qualified to run your own lives. Or if you think you are, you're probably in the grip of dangerous beliefs that need to be discarded. All in all, it would be better if you stayed out of the way and let experts manage your life. That would be I and my cronies."   
That's it.  "I'm a socialist" means "From now on, I'll be in charge, fortunately.  You can take a hike.".........Socialists are passionately concerned with making sure the right people have the power – that is, themselves........socialists don't need to discuss the details. Just get out of their way..........Read more

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