Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Pope’s Laxity Catches Up With Him

He dings the American bishops for a lack of credibility as his own takes another hit in the wake of a new Vatican scandal.

George Neumayr

By December, Francis had created a position for Zanchetta in the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See, known as APSA, according to the Vatican’s own press statements from the time. The office oversees more than 5,000 lavish properties under the Vatican’s Secretariat of the Economy, run by George Pell, now on a leave of absence to fight historical sex-abuse charges in his home country of Australia.
 Meanwhile, back in the Argentinean diocese Zanchetta had ditched, outraged priests and parishioners stewed over his scandals:...........To Read More....

My Take - It appears he had to know of Zanchetta's sins.  The Pope is supposed to be concerned with issues regarding faith, but he's a socialist.  That's been made clear by the policies he pushes such as promoting Anthropogenic Climate Change, which is a tenet of faith of the left to destroy capitalism, which the Pope has continually spoken against. 

How can anyone be a socialist and a Christian when socialism is antithetical of Judaic/Christian ethic.  Socialism embraces atheism and works unendingly to destroy religion, especially Christian religion.  And one of the ways they've done that is by infiltrating the churchs with homosexuals. 

If that's so, and it is, how can a Christian be a socialist, even if he's a secret socialist, and be a Christian without being a heretic?   If the Pope is a heretic, and it certainly appears he is, what do the faithful do? 

Which brings us to a question I hear a lot.  Who picked this guy? 

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