Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Catholic Left Returns

The ghost of Cardinal Bernardin and the rise of the LeftCats.

Jesse Russell January 9, 2019

Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, the seventh archbishop of Chicago, was laid to rest on November 21, 1996. The most powerful and influential American prelate since the conservative bull dog of New York, Cardinal Francis Spellman, Bernardin had defined American Catholicism for over a quarter of a century. The destructive march of liberal pantsuit wearing nuns and creepy mustached hippy priests under felt banners adorned with cringe worthy Boomer-Latin phrases like “Pax” would not have been possible, or at least not as successful, without Joseph Bernardin, who oversaw the enforcement of the new changes mandated by the liberalizing Second Vatican Council in the United States.

The requiem mass of the powerful prelate, a native son of South Carolina, was deeply redolent of the left-wing cultural and political agenda that the cardinal attempted to affect in minds and hearts of American Catholics. The funeral music was comprised of a medley of languages and genres drawn from Negro spirituals such as “Give Me Jesus” and festive Spanish and Polish hymns with a “throw back” to Gregorian chant as a nod to whatever conservatives might attend. Interestingly, among the many diverse ensembles at the good cardinal’s funeral was the Windy City Gay Men’s Chorus, which the Washington Blade, the leading gay men’s magazine of the nation’s capital, later would state in 1997 had sung at the specific request of the late cardinal.

If so, then the His Eminence was winking at his supporters and trolling his enemies who had long suggested that Bernardin was a (barely) closeted gay man.............To Read More....

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