Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Kakistocracy: Democratic Party Has Become a Cartoon Version of Its Former Self

Bob Barr Jan 09, 2019

There was a time long, long ago in which the national Democratic Party actually stood for something.  Real ideas.   Not necessarily good ideas, but substantive ideas nonetheless. The Party was led by men and women who actually articulated substantive programs. John Kennedy formulated meaningful tax policies, and launched America’s conquest of the Moon.  His successor, Lyndon Johnson, proposed and pushed through the Congress massive and far-reaching federal support programs that still are costing us today.  During the 1970s and into the 80s there were Democratic Members of the Congress who articulated well-considered social policies for welfare recipients and working families; New York Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan comes to mind.

But no more.  Today in the Democratic caucus, a substantive idea would land with an echoing thud on the floor and be quickly swept away; barely noticed amid the vitriol that consumes the nation’s senior national political party..................The most telling evidence that today’s national Democratic Party lacks even a scintilla of substance is perhaps not so much in the childish antics of a Maxine Waters or an Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez; or even in the already-tiresome calls for investigations of anything and everything “Trump.”  The proof that the Party is utterly devoid of substance or professionalism can be seen every day in the open failure of its leaders to take even the most modest of steps to rein in such antics.............To Read More....

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