Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Ginsburg can stay on the Supreme Court and vote, no matter how sick or disabled she becomes

by Melissa Quinn January 09, 2019

With Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg continuing to recover from cancer surgery, whispers about whether she should step down have grown louder. But as a member of the Supreme Court with life tenure, Ginsburg can remain on the bench for as long as she desires, no matter how sick she becomes.
Ginsburg had surgery Dec. 21 to remove two malignant nodules found in her left lung and has been recuperating at her home ever since. The procedure kept Ginsburg off the bench on Monday and Tuesday, marking the first time she missed oral arguments in her 25-year tenure on the Supreme Court.

Though she was not present for oral arguments, Chief Justice John Roberts said Ginsburg would participate in the cases by reading briefs and argument transcripts............To Read More

My Take - Another justification for a 28th Amendment creating age and term limit for the federal judiciary.

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