Sunday, August 13, 2017

Why Are You Still Teaching? Professor Pledges to ‘Deconstruct Whiteness’ in All Her Courses

August 10, 2017 Liberal Lunacy

Image result for Jodi LinleyA University of Iowa education professor recently wrote an academic journal article explaining how she endeavors to “dismantle whiteness in my curriculum, assignments, and pedagogy.”    Jodi Linley argues that unless her “mostly white” students are made to confront their privilege, they will be “complicit” in perpetuating white supremacy. An assistant professor at the University of Iowa has pledged to devote her classes to making her “mostly white” graduate students aware of their “white privilege.”

Jodi Linley, an education professor at the University of Iowa, detailed her extensive commitment to teaching classes that “deconstruct whiteness” in an academic journal article published Monday, arguing that to do otherwise would make her “complicit” in perpetuating white supremacy and white privilege.......To Read More.....

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