Thursday, August 3, 2017

In Alabama Senate race, McConnell fertilizes Swamp with Strange

Posted August 01, 2017 03:12 PM by Rob Eno

Last week – in a spectacular bit of “Failure Theater” – Sen. John McCain, R. Ariz., strode into the well of the Senate and killed Obamacare repeal. It was the ultimate corrupt Swamp move, and encapsulates perfectly Mitch McConnell’s tenure as leader of the Senate Republicans. For Mitch, it isn’t about advancing an agenda it is about protecting himself, and his power.

Now, with actual conservatives threatening to replace an ethically challenged replacement senator in Alabama, McConnell is spending millions to stop even this little bit of Swamp-draining. This is McConnell’s Swamp, and he will protect it at all costs. Even if that cost is spending millions to shore up his power base, instead of using that money to advance President Trump’s agenda. 

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