Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Gore’s Propaganda Piece Pulls Paltry Profits on Opening Weekend

It seems as though Al Gore’s shamanistic maligning of climate data has finally run its course in America. 

By Andrew West August 7, 2017

As true science continues to tear apart the fabricated and perverted data extorted by leftist climate change fraudsters, the former Vice President who kicked off the entire eco-justice fad is facing serious box office backlash. Gore, whose first film, “An Inconvenient Truth”, was nothing more than an infomercial for his own carbon credits company, made a fortune both in movie profits and with the eco-guilt he created funneling liberal dollars into his own faux-solution.

It was as if someone was coercing you to send money to Black Lives Matter every time you watched a movie that portrays American slavery, and then BLM funneled that money back into slavery movies. “An Inconvenient Truth” was, for lack of a more sophisticated moniker, a sham.......To Read More....

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