Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Google’s Spy Software Gets Formal Watchdog Privacy Complaint

By Andrew West July 31, 2017

Google is working diligently to invade every facet of your life, as user data becomes the world’s leading currency. Given the overarching need for anyone and everyone to become a part of the world wide web, organizations such as Google, Facebook, and Snapchat have come to realize that their enormous caches of user data could be more valuable than any add-on services that they attempt to launch.

In the case of Facebook and Snapchat, some of this valuable information is quite obvious. Both applications have been tirelessly developing facial recognition technologies that are simultaneously impressive and unnerving, leading many privacy advocates to express concern over the potential sale of this data to government agencies. Worse yet, should the government require facial data for surveillance, there’s no guarantee that a liberal judge wouldn’t allow these images to be subpoenaed into federal clutches. Google, however, is aiming a bit lower than Facebook and Snapchat, opting instead to focus on your wallet......To Read More.....

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