Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Feel the Bern: The noisy left has gone weirdly silent on Venezuela

Now that Venezuela has become a full-blown hellhole, where are Sean Penn, Michael Moore, Jeremy Corbyn, and all the other Chavista project aficionados?

By Monica Showalter July 31, 2017

As Venezuela transforms into a grotesque graveyard of democracy, the rabid left that has defended that hellhole in every circumstance over these past 19 years has gone weirdly silent.
Jeremy Corbyn of the U.K., a staunch supporter of the Chavista project, is oddly silent, giving much merriment to London satirists out on Twitter.

Sean Penn of Hollywood fame has nothing to say, either, though the Twitterati are asking for answers.  Oliver Stone has moved on to Putin-worship and has gotten circumspect about the great Chavista project he romanticized in story and film for so many years.  Apparently, the cat has gotten Michael Moore's tongue, too.  He's got nothing to say about Venezuela this time, either.  Nor does Naomi Campbell, Hugo Ch├ívez's biggest fangirl.

It goes to show the moral disgustingness of the left that not a one of these people or any of the others who came down to worship the Venezuelan socialism project has anything to say about it now.......... More

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