Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Apparently, CNBC Is Now A PR Firm

By Jamie Wells, M.D. — July 26, 2017

Wonder why fake news is winning as a concept and description? Look no further than a recent article and accompanying video from CNBC showcasing a new blood collection product from a Massachusetts-based start-up that is touted as “virtually painless” and pursuing the “holy grail for medical entrepreneurs.”

Having recently written about even Harvard’s use of statistical tricks to enhance their publishing odds, it should come as no surprise that news outlets appear to be doubling as public relations firms. Don’t get me wrong, new technologies and products should get access to the mainstream media to inform as well as ignite progress and innovation. But, let’s learn a lesson from the embattled Theranos that was supposed to “disrupt” and “revolutionize” the blood testing industry and include some critical analysis and thorough review of such developments.......To Read More....

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