Saturday, May 6, 2017

Black People: Don’t You Worry About ‘Bout a Thing. Kat Timpf Will Save You

Black people of America: Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing. Because the new Fox News megastar Kat Timpf has got your back. And she told us so on the first episode of her new show, “The Fox News Specialists.” “I do understand issues with criminal justice, particularly in the black community and police brutality,” she intoned.

Which is extremely convenient, because in April, dozens of cities around the country saw hundreds of examples of black mob violence. All wildly out of proportion. All without the benefit of Kat’s explanations. So if anyone happens to see Kat during one of her frequent jaunts into Manhattan dance clubs, perhaps you could ask her to extend some of her understanding to these episodes of black mob violence from around the country -- all during April, all on videos which you can find at this playlist:

Kat’s Playlist of Black Mob Violence..........Read more

My Take - Megastar!  Really?  I never heard of her before this, but I watch little television news these days, and I've just about had it with Fox news, and based on what's going on there - I think I won't be alone in that position.  But what I really wonder when I read this kind of thing is this:  How does anyone that stupid get on a news network?  Answer:  The news bosses are equally as stupid, and you can't fix stupid.  I hereby nominate Kat Timpf and whomever recommended and/or hired her for membership in the Club For the Galacticly Stupid!   

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