Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Professor Looks at the College Racket

By Armando Simon

As the deadline for college applications and scholarships for this coming fall near, let us pause and take a deep breath.  Well, being a veteran of universities, having been an undergraduate, a graduate student, and a (now retired) professor, let me make the assertion that college is a racket...........But, whereas back then the purpose of a university degree was to prepare a person for a career in a specific, specialized, field, nowadays colleges fervently discourage such concerns, instead emphasizing vague, fuzzy, mediocre concepts like “broadening the mind,” and, “diversity” and such-like crap, so that college students about to graduate often voice the praiseworthy---actually, inane---ambition of “just wanting to work with people.”...... but from a practical standpoint they are about as useful as ice cubes in Greenland.

Degrees in literature, history, art, gender studies, minority studies, anthropology, public service, philosophy and many others are absolutely useless, whereas persons with degrees in economics, computer science, chemistry, mathematics, physics, biology, geology and other degrees that lead to the engineering and medical fields can expect to earn a decent living by working in their fields. This is important to understand: half of the majors offered in universities are geared for obtaining jobs only in universities

........Earlier, I wrote that college professors and administrators promote the attitude that money is sordid and that they themselves disdain money. You would not think so just from observing them behind closed doors rather than just listening to them. They are breathtakingly avaricious. Colleges squeeze every last possible penny from students; indeed, colleges feed on students as if they were cattle. Just as wildebeest in Africa and deer and mice in North America exist solely for the purpose of being eaten by predators, so do undergraduate students exist solely for the purpose of feeding the voracious universities and community colleges............Then, you convince those students to take on a “student loan” to pay for those ridiculously expensive classes and obscenely expensive textbooks ..........Read more

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