Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The WaPo’s Kathleen Parker bashed the tea party. Now she wants us to listen to her?

By: Jen Kuznicki | February 13, 2017

If Kathleen Parker’s opinion piece in the Washington Post entitled, “Trump’s two-year presidency,” isn’t the blueprint for falling into years of darkness, I don’t know what is.   Parker is so far outside the mainstream of American thought I usually dismiss anything she says and refrain from responding to her, as doing so is a useless waste of time and effort. But her outrageous claims this time are based on nonsense and a truly embarrassing lack of political acumen, to the point that it shows just how worthless her opinion really is.

A so-called conservative opinion writer, Parker is a #NeverTrumper who just doesn’t know regular Americans. She cannot, otherwise she would abandon her prediction that Trump will cause the Democrat Party to become outrageously popular Republicans will be swept out of office, and the Democrats will inherit Congress and begin impeachment proceedings immediately. Parker is so shrill, so clearly frenzied, that reading her is like reading J. K. Rowling’s frantic tweets or Elizabeth Warren’s, D-Mass. (F, 18%) reactionary rain dance fundraising emails...........See more

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