Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Unending Muslim Civil Wars

Conflict between Muslim groups is nothing new.

By Kamran Bokhari Feb. 17, 2017

Two concepts increasingly dominate public discussions on the Muslim and Arab world. The first is the notion of civil war in the context of countries like Syria, Yemen and Libya. The second is the notion of conflict between Islam and the West. Both concepts fail to recognize that the Muslim world is in the throes of multiple civil wars...........the Shiite-Sunni struggle has been a constant since the earliest days of Islam..........We are used to viewing civil wars within the confines of a single country. In the case of Islam, there are many civil wars raging. The outcome of these conflicts is far more consequential as it will shape the relationship between Muslim-majority countries and the West. The conflict in Syria, especially as it relates to the Islamic State, will be a key determinant in the geopolitical makeup of the Middle East. However, it pales in comparison to the war within Islam’s body politic.........To Read More......

My Take - Can Muslims be good Americans, or good anything for that matter, including good Muslims?  Let's take a look at the Islamic world for who and what they are. 

Islam has been at war with Christianity - and all other religious groups since it began.  What's changed?   Nothing - because a Muslims allegiance is to Islam and Allah, called the Moon God of Arabia,  the five pillars of Islam and Mecca to which a Muslim is required to pray to five times a day.  No state or culture can inspire Muslims, as a whole, to abandon that concept. And any Muslim that converts to another religion is put to death.   

Everything Muslims believe and practice is antithetical to democratic principles and Christan/Judaic values.  In short - no practicing Muslim can be a good American, a Good Brit, a good Frenchman, a good German, or anything other than a "good" Muslim.  But that's the rub - Even Muslims can't be "good" Muslims.  Muslims of different sects hate each other even more than they hate the "infidels" of the west because they consider them to be heretics requiring death.  Is it any wonder the Middle East is such a mess. 

Let's try to get this once and for all.  These so-called modern Middle East "nations" are made up of Medieval tribal societies with modern weapons, transportation and communications.  But they are what they've always been - culturally primitive societies fanatically following a "religion". 

Furthermore, Islam isn't a religion. It's a political criminal organization masquerading as a religion.  The fact they've managed to do that for 1400 years is immaterial.  That's history and that history is incontestable! 

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