Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Palestinians Don’t Deserve a State

Dan Calic

World leaders and the U.N. need to stop ignoring the Palestinians' true agenda. For decades the two-state solution has been repeatedly floated as the preferred goal of peace between Israel and the Arabs (‘Palestinians’). Yet it has never been realized. Accusations have been tossed around by various voices laying blame on both sides for the failure of the two-state solution to be implemented. In light of the recent summit between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Trump, it would appear the longstanding positon of the U.S. supporting the two-state solution is fizzling out. In my opinion, this is long overdue. Simply put, the so-called ‘Palestinians’ don’t deserve a state........ More

My Take - First we have to finally get consensus on this one incontrovertible fact - Palestinians never had a state in the first place, therefore there's no such thing as a Palestinian.  These were Arabs of various tribal sects who lived in an area called Palestine.  That area was owned by a lot of people over the centuries, but there never was in independent state called Palestine, and there never was in independent people known as Palestinians.  Get over it! Oh, there's one more thing.  There's a reason why no Muslim state wants to take them in and there's a reason why they were kicked out of Jordan.

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