Thursday, February 16, 2017

The hypocrisy of Ben Rhodes

By Monica Showalter February 15, 2017

Ben Rhodes has emerged as one of the Swamp plotters behind the ouster of national security adviser Michael Flynn for dialogue with the Russians. Talk about hypocrisy.

Besides the Department of Justice, the Central Intelligence Agency, and perhaps former national security adviser Michael Flynn himself, the latest name to emerge in the spreading swamp of connivers who did Flynn in this week is none other than the Obama administration's former National Security Council deputy adviser for strategic communications, Ben Rhodes. According to a report in the Washington Free Beacon, Flynn's resignation:........It's the height of hypocrisy that Rhodes, Mister Dialogue himself, to now take to plotting political ruin for anyone caught in "dialogue" with the Russians.  Apparently, dialogue with America's enemies and rivals is acceptable...only if Rhodes does it........ More

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