Sunday, February 19, 2017

Miller Time

Jay D. Homnick

Here is how it went down. George, son of a Greek Orthodox pastor and theologian, has long since appointed himself the moral conscience of our beleaguered nation. He turned a pained look upon young Stephen and asked on what basis Trump has been claiming that he lost the State of New Hampshire because of fraudulent voters bused in from Boston. Miller answered: “I have worked on campaigns in New Hampshire and have seen this first hand. You can ask anyone who has worked in New Hampshire politics and they will confirm that. Everyone knows this is the case.”

Stephanopoulos snapped: “So you are offering ZERO evidence for this charge.”............In parting I issue this challenge. Let Stephen Miller and George Stephanopoulos be strapped to lie detectors simultaneously. Miller can say, “The Democrats cheat in New Hampshire.” Stephanopoulos can say, “The Democrats do not cheat in New Hampshire.” We can watch the results in real time, with fire extinguishers nearby to pour on the loser’s pants. If Stephanopoulos wins, I will graciously concede the point, other than to note that he is kind of funny-looking.......To Read More.....

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