Friday, February 17, 2017

Liberals Demand that Rib Festival Drop Country Singer for Performing at Trump’s Inauguration

By Onan Coca February 16, 2017

America’s liberals have a message for anyone not toeing the proper political line. ‘If you don’t get on board with our liberal beliefs, then you don’t get to live and work in our country.’ I know that sounds extreme, but wait until you see what is happening in Illinois, and then it won’t seem so extreme anymore.

The Naperville (Illinois) Ribfest had booked country superstar Toby Keith to play at their yearly music festival this year. However, this isn’t sitting well with some Illinois liberals who’d rather not hear Toby Keith play at the festival. Why? Because Mr. Keith had the audacity to perform at the inauguration for President Trump......To Read More.....

My Take - Do these loons of the left actually believe country people care at all for what they think?  This absolutely is another demonstration as to how delusional they are.

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