Monday, February 13, 2017

Feel the Bern: Food and medicine shortages weren’t bad enough. Now Venezuelans can’t even get passports.

 February 10, 2017

After suffering months of merciless shortages of food and medicine, Venezuelans now face a new problem as a result of the economy’s collapse: They can’t even get the passports they need to leave the country.  Venezuela’s bankrupt government does not have the money to import the materials and spare parts needed for machines to make the passports, leaving thousands of citizens without the possibility of traveling abroad........offices in Caracas have been flooded each day with thousands of Venezuelans who travel from their homes all over the country in hope of legally obtaining passports in the capital........To Read More...

My Take - Boy o boy....this must be the 'fake news' everyone's talking about.  This reporter must have gotten it backwards because Venezuela is a socialist paradise.....Right?  Isn't that what Sean Penn and the Hollywood brain trust have told us?  As for thousands of people wanting to leave - well that can't be right - they must have meant there were thousands lining up to come into Venezuela and the number is so large they weren't able to process them properly.....Right?  Sure!  That's what must be happening!  After all.....the world is full of people who want to "Feel the Bern".  Right?

Hmmmmm, I'm beginning to wonder about that - If 'Feeling the Bern' is so wonderful why is it American university students, along with overpaid, over opinionated, over self appreciated, overrated, under smart Hollywood loons aren't lining up to get there? it possible this account is accurate?  Is it possible, the people of Venezuela are trying to flee 'The Bern' because Venezuela is a dystopian disaster with people starving and facing violence daily?  Is it possible these university students and Hollywood loons don't have a clue what they're talking about?  Is it possible they're.....well.....lying....... or stupid.....or both? 

How about this. 

History has shown massive migrations out of countries that are socialist countries because they're economic and social disasters.  That's why they build walls - to force people to stay in - not to keep people out.  That history is being repeated in Venezuela right now, and that history is incontestable. 

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