Friday, September 14, 2018

John Kerry stupidly provoking a cutoff of US funds to Palestinians

By Thomas Lifson

Former secretary of state John Kerry must have thought he was being really clever when he overrode congressional holds on a couple of hundred million dollars and sent the taxpayers’ money to the Palestinian Authority in the closing hours of the Obama presidency.  But nobody has ever accused him of being a genius, and it is clear that he did not think through the consequences of his flip of the bird to Israel and its friends in Congress.  Jenna Lifhits writes in the Weekly Standard:.....To Read More.....

My TakeAs a Senator, John Kerry had the gravy train.  He didn't really have to do anything, or be responsible for anything, he didn't have to think, and he didn't have to know much - which has become clear is beyond him, and was able to do the thing he loved best - be interviewed and be on TV.  

The man is dumb as dirt.  So why did he want the job as Secretary of State? 

He's just as confused and delusional as all from the ideological left.  He doesn't believe he's dumb as dirt - and he was smarting from having lost the election to a man he believed was even dumber than he.  So I think he wanted the Secretary of State job to demonstrate what the world missed by his not being elected.  Well, he was successful!

I'm not now nor have I ever been impressed with G.W. Bush, but even as dumb as he was - he saved the nation from a bullet by defeating Kerry.

I guess that's an accomplishment that's not touted enough.

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