Saturday, December 3, 2016

Who has a bigger conflict of interest: Donald Trump or the New York Times?

By Ed Straker

I couldn't help but notice that nearly every day, the New York Times and other media organs are running attack pieces about Donald Trump's soon to be conflicts of interest because of his real estate holdings. I find it astonishing that the media have only now become focused on potential conflicts of interest, since for years they had virtually nothing to say about Hillary Clinton, who as secretary of state also was affiliated with a "non-profit foundation" that received donations from foreign countries she interacted with in an official capacity.

So I commend the Times for suddenly being concerned about ethics at the precise moment a Republican is elected president. It very much reminds me of a vampire suddenly realizing it's night outside for the first time in eight years.

But I have a more immediate concern.

What about the conflict of interest at The New York Times? Nearly 20,000,000 shares shares are held by Carlos Slim, the Mexican "megarich oligarch." How can the Times fairly report on issues of sanctuary cities, or illegal immigration, or trade, or bilingual education, when its largest shareholder is a Mexican citizen? 

Even worse, Carlos Slim is actually Lebanese in origin, from a country ruled by the radical Islamic group Hezb'allah in alliance with Maronite Christians (Slim is a Maronite Christian)......More

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