Saturday, December 3, 2016

Tackling the peddlers of climate change

The climate hoax is ending

By Anthony Bright-Paul

How often have we heard that ‘climate change’ is the greatest threat to mankind! How often have we heard that Global Warming will lead to an unprecedented rise in sea levels! -- when what is the truth?

There is absolutely no truth whatsoever in these assertions, made by a coven of corrupt scientists, who have held the whole world in thrall. Not only is the globe not warming, but we find that the books have been cooked on a truly massive scale. So massive, in fact, that even intelligent members of Parliament with some scientific knowledge have been fooled. The world at large has been fooled, as witness the bizarre antics at COP22. Did you think that that was a Climate Conference? Think again! It was about nothing but money, and who could screw the most out of the supposedly rich nations.

I am indebted to Christopher Booker, who has written in the Daily Telegraph what I would never have dared to write. He has given a cast of those who have been deceiving the world on an unimaginable scale. Here I quote just a few paragraphs, but it is necessary to read the entire article:


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