Friday, November 4, 2016

Science and the Offspring of Vipers

By Rich Kozlovich

On October 23, 2016 Alex Berezow posted this article, PC Mafia's Hit on Science Education, on The American Council On Science and Health (ACSH) website saying one of the scientific advisers to ASCH, "David Seidemann, a geology professor at Brooklyn College....was placed on a hit list by the academic PC mafia." What was his alleged misconduct? Hard to tell, because "the nature of his misconduct and the identity of his accusers -- even the existence of the investigation itself -- were withheld from him." In fact the author states "His chief inquisitor said there were no written records and denied that an investigation ever took place."

Apparently he outrageously took the position:
 "This classroom is an 'unsafe space' for those uncomfortable with viewpoints with which they may disagree: all constitutionally protected speech is welcome" - and worse yet - "he wanted to reward some students for effort," [which] "was interpreted by the administration as possible sexual harassment."
Have we lost our minds? Yes!!!!

When Adolph Hitler was in power in Germany every discipline had to have a "race" component. According to Shirer's Rise and Fall of the Third Reich a well known mathematician of that era stated there was no way you could separate race from math. Really? Why? What was the logical foundation for that statement? There is none, but it was politically correct, so who cares about logic? What about sanity? Who cares about sanity when the body politic is insane? Marcus Aurelius once said, “The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”

Leftists have controlled the institutions of "higher learning" for decades and political correctness still infests their hallowed halls, just as it did in Nazi Germany. The author demonstrates this by saying:
"An entire subdiscipline of geology is under assault by feminists who believe that glaciology (i.e., the study of glaciers) must be reanalyzed within a " Feminist glaciology framework " in hopes that it will lead to "more just and equitable science and human-ice interactions." Feminists are also attacking neuroscientists , some of whom are afraid to discuss their research on the biological differences between men and women."
Geology has a "feminist" framework? Really? Is that like mathematics and race can't be separated? The insanity increases like a geometric problem as the author points out:
"Feminist philosopher Sandra Harding referred to the laws of motion as "Newton's rape manual." "Postmodernists are busy undermining the scientific method as a whole. Without a doubt, such relativism and political correctness are holding back science ."
He goes on to say:

The most perverse thing about all of this is that the burden is now upon scientists to prove that they aren't patriarchal, sexist, racist, chemical-pushing, Monsanto-pleasing, animal killers. It is simply assumed that they are unless they can provide evidence that they are not.

In other words they're required to prove a negative....which is impossible. This insanity falls into the lap of the scientific community itself.

Most scientists have personalities that are not conducive to being the rock in the current. They just want to do their research and be left alone. Furthermore, PhD's are much like military officers. They rise in the ranks by going along to get along. Show me an officer who told his superiors they were wrong - and proved it - and I will show you a career junior officer. Show me an academic going for his doctorate who tells his professors their theories are all wrong and has a dissertation clearly demonstrating it - and I will show you someone who will have to be in love with a masters degree.

This pattern repeats over and over again. During the years Stalin was slaughtering his people in the Soviet Union with his insane agricultural policies one scientist became his favorite, Trofim Denisovich Lysenko.

Lysenko believed that “amassing of evidence was substituted for casual proof as the means demonstrating the “correctness” of the underlying hypotheses” and those who failed to conform to the tenets of the new biology could be silenced or suppressed as enemies of the truth. It also did not concern him if his followers “manipulated” somewhat their data or their experimental results, since minor falsifications could still support the ideological cause, which represented a higher level of truth than the precise reporting of facts”, and for almost 30 years some of the finest minds in Russian biology either “became infected with....[the] madness” or “converted” to it. Many if not most scientists in America are now converts to the insanity because the holy grail of science is no longer truth but grant money.

In Russia, “scientists, who were skeptical, were threatened with loss of their working and publishing opportunities if they did not conform to these views. As a result they were forced to adjust the direction of their research or to contribute some kind of work which was in accord with the Stalinist ideology.” Some got around this by publishing entirely in Latin …of which the commissars were ignorant. Some refused to bend to the madness of the new biological ideology at all, and were permanently silenced.

We don't send people to gulags or execute them out of hand for having differing scientific views but those who don't accept the "consensus" have been silenced or suppressed as enemies of the truth, and have been threatened with loss of their working and publishing opportunities if they did not conform to the acceptable politically correct standards of "the higher truth".

The left still demands total obedience and obeisance no matter how insane their positions may be. Stalin and his favorite scientists caused millions to starve to death, and no one dared complain! One New York Times reporter, Walter Duranty won a Pulitzer Prize for lying about Stalin's atrocities claiming no one was starving Russia.

Yes, the media is part and parcel of this outrage, and have been since they were infiltrated and infested with communists and Stalinist agents starting in the 20's. And yes - I might as well really tick someone off - Joe McCarthy was right! Also, McCarthy didn't go after Hollywood! That was done by the House on Un-American Activities Committee - and that was run by the Democrats. And we also know along with government and Hollywood, these agents infested the unions, academia, newspapers and radio.

His numbers may have been off, but the administration of FDR was totally infested with communist agents including the OSS, which became the CIA, and they continued on for years after FDR was dead and gone, and Truman refused to accept that fact, even after he was briefed about the Venona intercepts. Both he and Eisenhower attacked McCarthy, and I believe they were trying to cover up their own lack of courage.

In 1995 the Venona intercepts, (More)which was "an American government effort from 1943-1980 to decrypt coded messages by intelligence forces of the Soviet Union. There are still a large number of code names of agents they can't identify. And yes....the Rosenberg’s were guilty as sin and the Venona intercepts proved it, and Harry Dexter White, Alger Hiss and Lauchlin Currie were also - all senior people in FDR's administration, and Soviet agents.

"There was not a single agency of the American government that Soviet espionage had not infiltrated, and it stole the secrets of many other organizations concerned with national security. No modern government was more thoroughly penetrated."

Well, it's time honest scientists organized, stood up on their hind legs and started suing these misfits of academia, science, sanity and reality, otherwise they may find out this nation will become a scientific gulag.

The Soviet Union and their viperous agents may be gone, but these misfits in academia are the offspring of vipers, and they're just as deadly in their desires and intentions as was Stalin was to destroy the United States, one institution at a time.

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