Tuesday, November 1, 2016

DiCaprio and National Geographic Channel Share the First Henny Penny Media Award

By Rich Kozlovich

On October 28, 2016 I announced I would be awarding the Henny Penny Media Award: Myths, Facts and Hyperbole to members of the media for their promotion of myths, their failure in accuracy, and their unending love of hyperbole.

One of the reasons I decided to undertake this effort was inspired by the commercials I kept seeing with Leonardo DiCaprio promoting his documentary, “Before The Flood", and how everything he saw in the world demonstrates global warming is real, it's all absolutely frightening and we're doomed if we don't do something now.  Of course that doesn't include his traveling all over the world in private jets, after all, environmental laws, regulations, restrictions and the detrimental impact they have on society are for little people.

In this article by Chris White, DiCaprio’s Global Warming Doc Mostly Just Tired Attempt To Thrash Skeptics the author notes:
"DiCaprio’s global warming documentary is a meandering snooze-fest hell-bent on trashing climate change skeptics and hectoring viewers into becoming little climate change warriors."
He goes on to say:
"The Oscar award-winning actor’s new project, “Before The Flood,” which aired on the National Geographic Channel Sunday night, spends a disproportionate amount of time discussing DiCaprio’s evolution from a Hollywood playboy to a part-time environmentalist." 
 Once again we find these celebrity "experts" public service escapades really are all about them.
DiCaprio’s labor of love is tiresome, which is bad considering the fact that it aired late at night on a seldom-watched cable channel. But it does give an interesting glimpse into why DiCaprio takes such a hard-lined stance on climate change fighting.
He also points out how selective DiCaprio is with the "facts" regarding Mann's deceptions over the Hockey Stick Graph, the lawsuits he's filed - one of which he's already lost in Canada to Dr. Tim Ball for failing to turn over required data to Canadian courts - which Mann refers to as his "dirty laundry" - and he fails to discuss the "pause". 

There's been no warming for about 20 years, and all the climate models predicting disaster have either failed or are failing.  Computer models aren't science, it's a component of science but by itself computer modeling it's not science, and that's been the bane of these Henny Penny environmentalists - Reality.  Because real science is what is seen in the real world, and reality really sucks for envrionmentalists and their celebrity dupes like DiCaprio and their media acolytes like National Geographic. 

So I've decided to make this very first Henny Penny Media Award: Myths, Facts and Hyperbole a shared award going to Leonardo DiCaprio for his documentary, Before the Flood, and the National Geographic Channel for broadcasting it. 

They are both clearly met the criteria by their promotion of myths, their failure in accuracy, and their unending love of hyperbole.

I'm interested in nominations for this award, along with the background story.  Please send them to me - elkoz@juno.com.  All nominations will remain anonymous if you desire. 

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