Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Will US cut off support for WHO’s IARC over pilloried glyphosate cancer report?


 Every day, it seems, I read an article from an activist-captured media source that quotes the International Agency for Reasearch on Cancer’s (IARC) glyphosate position and ignores the negative reactions from other scientific institutions like European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Germany’s Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), WHO-FAO, the America’s Environmental Protection Agency, the New Zealand and Canadian authorities, and the undiplomatic outrage of most of the scientific community. It is quite clear that the science defending glyphosate is not the problem; IARC’s intransigence, political bias, and bad scientific methodology is the problem.

How can we fix IARC?.............

The activist scientists in IARC, from its head, Christopher Wild, to the head of monographs, Kurt Straif, to the lead author of the glyphosate monograph, Kate Guyton, have found inspirational zeal in pushing their findings against an important herbicide that farmers rely on. They seem to have drawn an obstinate line in the sand and they are willing to bring the agency down rather than retract a badly conceived, poorly written monograph...........To Read More.....

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