Monday, October 31, 2016

The Rats are Leaving the Ship

By Frank Friday

The city I live in is sometimes called the biggest little town in the country because everybody seems to know everybody else’s business, but we have nothing on the nation’s capital. After James Comey’s bombshell announcement that thanks to Anthony Wiener’s laptop, the Hillary investigation is back on, who gets drafted by the Clintons to fight back? Jamie Gorelick. Yeah, that Jamie Gorelick, the Clinton’s cover-up artist who left DOJ for the big bucks at Fannie Mae, was involved in everything from the 9/11 hearings to the IRS scandal and was even considered by Obama to run the FBI.  (Today, Ms. Gorelick tells us, James Comey is a threat to our very democracy, but just three years ago, her friend was "one of the great lawyers of the Justice Department.")

Of course, when President Bush came to office he wanted to clear away all the Clinton mess, even appointing a lawyer of immeasurable talent and integrity, he was told, to look into the 2001 Pardongate scandal. A guy by the name of James Comey. It seems he had the goods on Hillary, her brother Hugh, Bill, and his brother Roger. But Mr. Comey went all squishy.......I should think Mr. Comey further understands, no matter who is elected president, he won’t be FBI director much longer, and that is now the least of his concerns......More

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