Monday, October 31, 2016

A Standing Ovation for Celebrities Who Have Avoided Commenting on the Election

Stephen Kruiser

As the 2016 election grinds on through its final days, it is almost impossible to recall how many famous, sort of famous, and working-their-way-to-famous celebrities from entertainment and sports have promised threatened to leave America if Donald Trump is elected. When they aren’t doing that they’re still barking political opinions as if the common folk need to hear them merely to stay alive.
In light of all that, the few who have decided to break away from the cacophonous herd probably deserve some extra applause.

The tone of the Esquire article is one of incredulity over the fact that any celebrity is choosing to remain neutral in this election, as if celebrity itself were about to face an existential crisis after November 8th. .......In the past several decades it has been a rough go for any entertainers who dared stray from the Democrat fold. Now the chattering classes not only demand devotion to a particular ideology, but very vocal support of it as well......To Read More....

My Take - Although I'm under the impression Esquire is doing well this is the reason why so many magazines and newspapers are failing.  No loss!  

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