Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Russia will not renew its commitment to the Kyoto Protocol

Voice of Russia, Mayak

Moscow won’t join the second phase of the Kyoto Protocol, which starts on January 1st 2013.  Russia decided to discontinue its participation in the protocol because the world’s major producers of greenhouse gases – the United States, China and India – are still refusing to commit themselves to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Because of that, Russian leaders say, the Kyoto Protocol, which came into force seven years ago, had no impact on the rate of global warming.  This Appeared Here…. 

My Take – I do hope everyone remembers when the world self righteously snickered, snorted and laughed at George Bush because he wouldn’t sign on to this piece of junk science.  He may not have been the brightest pebble in the brook, but he was smarter than the dummies that jumped on this idiocy with the collective band of head nodders in Europe;  who it turned out to be as dumb as dirt.  But the stupidity of all of this was obvious to the most casual observer; unless or course you were on the staff of a science journal, an academic, or a member of the main stream media.  All of whom will collectively forget the whole thing in order to start ranting about some other idiocy that will also turn out to be wrong.   When you are green you never have to say you're sorry and can be forgiven for everything, no matter how many suffer for the stands you take, unless of course you convert from being green to becoming sane.  Then they will attack you with a virulence that would shock the sensibilities of decent people, i.e., the non-greenies.   RK 

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