Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Chinese Don't Like Indians!

 By Tom Wright
Those in China that consider India’s economic success as a negative have almost doubled in the same period.  Only 23% of Indians term their nation’s relationship with China as one of cooperation; only 24% think China’s growing economy is a good thing, Pew research shows…….. Despite increased trade, New Delhi remains wary of China’s moves to extend its maritime presence in the Indian Ocean, while Beijing has complained about India’s commercial activities in the South China Sea……Beijing continues to help Pakistan develop its civil nuclear program at a time when other countries, including the U.S., have refused to do so because of Islamabad’s history of nuclear proliferation.
My Take – This whole thing is symptomatic of the problem with the Chinese government.  They have a huge economy that may not be real.  They have a huge military that may not be effective.  They have competent economic neighbors in Japan, India and the Philippines, all of whom China has made threatening moves, that they don’t really want to compete with because they may not be capable.   They have a central planning system that is clueless and yet they were smart enough to leave Hong Kong alone, which became a huge money machine for the government, but they won't allow the nation to go down that path because it would destroy the elitists that run the country.  They have serious internal problems with the general population, many of whom consider the central government illegitimate and staggeringly corrupt.
The problem still remains that has been foundational of all of their problems since Mao.  They’re still commies!  They think like commies, they act like commies, ergo, they’re commies, and commies are now and have always been aggressive, unreasonable, murderous, failures at basic economics....and staggeringly corrupt.  
Pay attention to this whole South East Asia economic situation.  There is a reason China is expanding it's navy, including an air craft carrier.   Commies don't carry a big stick for image.  There are serious internal and/or external events in the offing with China that will impact the whole world.  RK

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