Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fighting for Marxist Indoctrination on Campus

October 16, 2012 By Steven Plaut Comments
There is a species of radical Leftist that believes that it is the main purpose of taxpayer-funded universities to engage in indoctrination of students into radical leftwing ideology.  Such people believe that the only legitimate form of scholarly research and teaching is to force upon students the ideas and agendas of the radical Left, because only these represent correct thinking.
For such people, the highest form of academic inquiry is to engage in one-sided advocacy.  They believe that faculty members at universities should be hired mainly, if not exclusively, on the basis of their devotion to radical leftist ideology.   They believe that classrooms should be arenas in which students are immersed into leftist NewThink.  They believe that student grades should reflect the extent to which the student toes the ideological line of the radical Left.  They believe academic conferences and research forums should be restricted to those who advocate the Left’s political agenda, while non-leftist dissident thought should be suppressed and barred.  Most importantly of all, they believe that those who dare to criticize the radical tenured Left should be silenced and demonized.  To Read More….. 

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