Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Picks, My Take

Posted By Rich Kozlovich

The Ohio Republican wrestles with the budget.
The Republican Study Committee (RSC) is the most important organization in Washington you’ve never heard of. Its new leader is a former wrestling champion, and he’s one reason its influence is surging. Jim Jordan, 47, was elected RSC chairman in December after winning his third term in the House of Representatives from northwestern Ohio. He says the RSC’s role is simply “to push for conservative things.” This means policies—on spending, the deficit, and the national debt especially—more conservative than those Republican leaders in Congress are inclined to favor.

House leaders scarcely knew what hit them in their first clash with the RSC under Jordan. They had proposed to cut 2011 spending by considerably less than the $100 billion Republican candidates had talked about in the 2010 campaign. At a meeting of the 241-member Republican conference on February 9, the RSC rebelled......

Since this is a green issues only blog this normally this wouldn't appear here, except that this plays directly into the green issues facing everyone.  Cuts are way over due, but it isn't cuts alone that will start that engine known as the American economy back in motion.  If that were the case all those socialist societies that failed wouldn't have.  Below are two articles that I believe deal with this.  RK

The EPA's Fantastic Clean Air Fictions
Reading the Environmental Protection Agency’s news releases is a trip into the world of science fiction, of fantastical assertions and predictions that have no relationship to reality. The EPA is a most wicked assemblage of alleged scientists and political appointees whose sole purpose is to economically burden the industrial, commercial, and agricultural sectors of the nation in every way possible.

Most reporters covering environmental issues these days are so brainwashed and brain dead they never actually question the drivel that the EPA shovels on a daily basis. The latest is a March 16 release “EPA Proposes First National Standard for Mercury Pollution from Power Plants.” The key words here are “power plants”, the 24/7 generators of the electricity we all depend upon.

Obama's Endless Energy Lies
For anyone who follows energy issues, the President’s press conference on Friday was a breathtaking example of his ability and willingness to lie about America’s energy needs and reserves while obfuscating his administration’s relentless attacks on the nation’s coal and oil industries.

Even if we give Obama the benefit of the doubt by saying he is being “misinformed” by advisors, it does not alter the fact that he has, since the days of his campaign in 2008, made no secret of his intention to undermine America’s oil and coal industries while encouraging greater use of the two forms of energy, wind and solar power, that are of the least value in the real world. Neither would exist without massive tax incentives and subsidies or mandates that require their use.   Obama’s lies are so easily refuted one might think he would hesitate to tell them, but he is undeterred by the truth.

There are a number of things that could have a wonderful effect on the economy, but none of them as powerful as drilling for oil, gas and mining for coal......and building refineries.  This would act like ether injected into a stalled engine.  RK

A defense against anti-DDT bloggers
Last month, we reported on a study by Drs. Donald Roberts and Richard Tren of Africa Fighting Malaria on the life-saving anti-malaria benefits of DDT spraying. Predictably, the study received harsh but misguided criticism from frequent anti-DDT blogger Tim Lambert. Below is an excerpt from Dr. Roberts’ published counter-argument to Lambert’s “outrageous commentary [attempting] to claim our data were wrong:”   Lambert recently posted a commentary on our peer-reviewed scientific paper investigating false claims made by UNEP and GEF about insecticide-free malaria control interventions in Mexico and Central America, accessible here.

The objection I have with so many of these anti-chemical pro-greenie types is their lack of consistency and difficulty having a close relationship with truth.  With the greenies the story is always the same.  It is either lies of commission or lies of omission. RK

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