Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Destruction of Civilization Really is Their Goal!

By Rich Kozlovich

It is so hard for me to understand how any group can be as mindlessly misanthropic as the greenies. They hate oil, natural gas and nuclear power. They first promoted ethanol, solar energy and wind energy, then turned on their own "solutions" no sooner than they started to be developed.  Can you figure out exactly it is they want?

Here is a clip that I picked up from Jon Ray's Greenie Watch blog. Why should this have to happen? There is plenty of oil, natural gas and coal all over the world. Since the “finite” aspect of these products has been shown to be claptrap they still cling their only reason. Greenhouse gases! Well, no matter what they say, CO2 doesn’t really trap heat. Water vapor is the big heat trapper and using so-called fossil fuels has nothing to do with that.   So, can you figure out exactly it is they want? 

Greenie insanity is there for all to see, and yet people will accept this nonsense, and I find that even harder to understand because this is acceptance by ordinary, seemingly sane people.   The greenies are at least understandable....they're insane.  What else can you call people who are irrational and misanthropic?  So, can you figure out exactly what it is they want? 

Let me try to answer that.  Since everything they promote will cause dystopia all over the world there can only be one conclusion; they want to see billions die!


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