Thursday, January 10, 2019

With illegals flipping elections now, Democrats' opposition to a wall is all about their grip on power

January 9, 2019 By Monica Showalter

For Democrats, opposition to a wall at the U.S. southern border, where thousands of illegals are pouring in, isn't about "women and children." It's not about compassion; it's not about a wall's "effectiveness" (we know that a wall is effective); it's not about the environment; it's not about locking up the legal Latino-American vote; it's not even (all that much) about doling goodies to indigents to expand the underclass and, with it, the size of government.

It's about winning elections.

Illegals in bellwether California have shown that they are the margin of victory in even the reddest counties, such as Orange County, where illegal aliens served as ballot-harvesters to collect up all the ballots of indifferent voters who weren't otherwise planning to vote. Harvesting ballots by foreigners is actually legal in California, even as it's illegal almost everywhere else, and illegals demonstrated the power it has.

You notice the curious silence of the Democrats regarding an illegal ballot-harvesting case out in North Carolina done by a Republican? They aren't saying much at all, likely because they don't want to be speaking ill of ballot-harvesting, given that good thing they've got going in California.

 The foreign ballot-harvesters in California "helped" indifferent and absentee California voters to "fill out their ballots" and then harvested and harvested, turning these harvested ballots in until they got the electoral result they wanted, often weeks after the actual election concluded........For Democrats, illegals are the arriving reinforcements, the ship coming in, the margin of victory, as they seek to rig the electoral landscape to secure power permanently. ......... Read more

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