Sunday, June 3, 2018

Murder Educational Television

Forensic Files recalls rape and murder of Cally Jo Larson by false-documented Mexican illegal.

June 1, 2018Lloyd Billingsley
Since the 2016 campaign, leftist Democrats have been blasting President Trump for speaking out against violent criminal illegals who rape and murder. Those who seek examples of such crimes might take a look at the “The Music Case,” a 2004 Forensic Files episode again making the rounds.

In Wauseca, Minnesota, 12-year-old Cally Jo Larson, a bright student fond of gymnastics, is found murdered in her home. The police have no suspects but a string of burglaries leads them to Lorenzo Sanchez, who possesses items from the crime scene, such as a CD case. The episode shows how other evidence helped convict him, but there’s more to the story.

As the narrator explains, Lorenzo Sanchez is an “illegal immigrant” from Mexico, but the episode does not explain that he had been deported twice and served a month in jail the previous year. Prosecutors and the judge knew the Mexican national was an illegal with false documents but failed to act on that reality. They let Sanchez remain in Minnesota and eight days before the murder he was picked up by police but released.........To Read More...

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